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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION:  My car is running rough, do I need a tune-up?

ANSWER:  In today’s vehicles, sometimes just having your vehicle “tune-up” will not cure a running rough problem. The vast array of electronic components, when failed, or starting to fail, can give you the same feeling of just needing a tune-up. It is best to call and schedule an appointment to have your vehicle properly diagnosed.

QUESTION:  My "check engine" or "service lamp" light is on but my vehicle is running great, what do I do?

ANSWER: When your vehicle’s service lamp is illuminated it is the car's way of saying that the computer has seen something wrong. There are several reasons why these lamps can come on, and a steady lamp means that a sensor or sensors are not operating within the pre-designated parameters, and the vehicle should be brought in for a complete diagnostic. However, if the lamp starts flashing, this indicates an engine misfire, which you would probably feel, and the vehicle should be brought in right away.

QUESTION:  Is it really necessary to replace my timing belt at the recommended intervals?

ANSWER:  YES! The failure of a timing belt in many cars can result in major engine damage. The cost of repairing an engine with a broken timing belt is much greater than the cost of timing belt replacement.

QUESTION:  How often should I rotate my tires?

ANSWER:  Your tires should be rotated every other oil change or every 6000 miles. Neglecting to rotate tires is a major cause of premature tire wear. When you purchase a set of 4 tires from LRE Automotive, we will rotate the tires for FREE.

QUESTION:  When should I get my oil changed?

ANSWER:  You should get your oil changed every 3000 miles or every 3 months if using regular grade oil or every 5000 miles if using synthetic oil.  In the past, some manufactures have suggested you can go longer intervals (10,000 miles plus).  We do not recommend going this long in between oil changes.  We have seen many engine problems arise when waiting too long in between services.   

QUESTION:  Should I consider synthetic motor oil in my vehicle?

ANSWER:  Synthetic motor oils can be a good choice for high output, turbocharged or supercharged engines. Or for vehicles that are used for towing (especially during hot weather), and vehicles that operate in extremely cold or hot climates. Although more expensive than mineral-based oils, synthetic motor oils can improve fuel economy and provide longer intervals between changes.

QUESTION:  I feel a "shimmy" from the brake pedal, do I need new brakes?

ANSWER:  A “shimmy” or “pulsation” that can be felt when the brake pedal is applied can be caused by the brake rotors becoming warped. This does not always mean that you need new brakes, but any abnormal brake feeling or concern should be inspected.

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